Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Washing machines require maintenance in order to function well. They are usually subjected to weekly wear and tear. All those cleaning and washing sessions can take their toll on your washer.

Maintenance does not have to be taxing. Let me tell you a couple of easy ideas:

After Using Your Washer

1. Spend a bit of time wiping the washer drum washer repair pasadena. This will prevent the washer from turning smelly. Check the detergent compartment if there are still detergent residues left. Make sure you wipe them away with a clean dish rag to prevent the build up of molds.

Also wipe the washer hose and the drain. The goal here is to dry the washer up well so that molds will not have a chance to appear.

2. Immediately remove your clothes from the washer and transfer them to the dryer or hang them up to dry completely. Avoid leaving your washer while it is working because you might not be there to immediately transfer moist clothes. When moist clothes are cooped up inside the washer, it might make your clothes smell moldy or musty.

3. Leave the door of the washer open. This will allow air to circulate inside the washer. Also open the door and the windows of your laundry area.

Weekly Maintenance

1. Try checking for signs of leaks. Make sure the rubber seal of the washer hose is still working perfectly in sealing the connection of the hose and the water source. If it is starting to deteriorate, you might want to get the necessary replacement.

2. Try cleaning the detergent compartment water slots. These are the slots where water comes out. Make sure there are no hard minerals or residues left that might clog the slots. When this happens, the machine will not work in transferring water into the washer drum.

Monthly Maintenance

1. Try checking the belt of the machine for signs of wear and tear. If it is wearing out faster than expected, you might have to plan a better laundry cycle. Make sure you use your washer wisely and avoid running small laundry cycles.

2. Replace the parts that need replacements such as the belt or the bearings. You might also have to tighten up some screws or parts that have loosened up.

These are the things that you need to do if you want to maintain your washing machine. Keep your laundry appliance in top shape all the time.

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